If you wanted to take to the streets in your own car in Fortnite you'll have a bit longer to wait

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If you wanted to take to the streets in your own car in Fortnite you'll have a bit longer to wait

Epic have confirmed that the long awaited cars update for Fortnite has been delayed while they work out the final issues. While we now have more fancy gas stations that appear on the map and more and more cars are appearing around the island as the water recedes you won't be able to jump behind the wheel and go for a spin just yet.

The delay isn't unexpected - the second chapter has been pretty consistent with delays as features keep getting pushed back for tuning. Until yesterday one of the other major new mechanics of the season, the whirlpools, were disabled due to glitches and both the first and second seasons were extended as changes to the game were taking longer to complete.

That said, each update to the game is fundamentally changing core features and while technically cars might be working well, it could be that the development team are working on balancing things to take the new fast method of transport into account.

The cars are expected to bring with them some new play modes, much like the biplanes had last year, so this update isn't as simple as just enabling vehicles on the existing map.

Other updates that we're yet to see this season include the unveiling of the Aquaman themed ruins in the top left corner of the map - this should be happening pretty soon given the more features are beginning to appear as the water drops. Then there's the mystery of the currently submerged crashed spaceship which will include a number of additional challenges when that finally breaks above the waves.

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