Fornite - is the volcano about to erupt?

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Fornite - is the volcano about to erupt?

With the eighth season of Fortnite Battle Royale quickly racing towards its conclusion the volcano that has been a mainstay of the map for the last 10 weeks is showing signs that it might be starting to erupt - bringing with it likely BIG changes to the map for the next 10 weeks of challenges.

The volcano itself has been changing slightly for the last few weeks with a plume of smoke of increasing intensity appearing over the opening. With the start of this week's round of challenges a new rune appeared that matches those that players have been slowly moving to the uncovered structure at Loot Lake. With the rune came even more volcanic activity and most players expect an eruption is imminent - many believing it will take place on Saturday.

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The runes have been appearing throughout the last few weeks - and can be 'fed' ammo and materials which in turn is slowly filling a meter and causing the rune to move towards its final location. We expect a dual event to occur with the runes arrival at Loot Lake and the expected volcanic activity causing long lasting changes to the map and game.

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