First Details for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

When Nintendo delivered an overwhelmingly packed Direct earlier this month, it’s hard to imagine anyone expecting more news to come. Despite everyone still feeling the buzz, the big N decided it had more to share and dropped on us a much shorter yet just as exciting Direct to close off February with a bang.

Nintendo’s Pokemon-focused Direct unveiled the 8th generation of mainline Pocket Monster games which will be titled Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. For the first time ever, the RPG series adored by players of all ages will be coming to a home console and it looks absolutely stunning. The cell-shaded graphics are vibrant and retain the charm and playfulness that we’ve come to expect from a Pokemon game. The 2 minute trailer showcased both a male and female character boasting a different style of attire each, including their backpacks. This alludes to some possible customization options which have already been present in some of the latest games to some degree.

The new region Pokemon trainers from around the world will be exploring is the environmentally diverse region of Galar. From small towns and open grassy fields to contemporary cities to icy mountains, this brave new world will be home to many a new species of Pokemon to collect as well as a slew of new denizens and trainers to meet and interact with. The city showcased during the Direct looked like a steampunk version of an English city complete with its own version of Big Ben.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a new Pokemon game without new starter companion Mons to choose from. Scorbunny – yours truly’s person pick! – is a fast-moving fire-touting rabbit. The water-type representative is the adorably shy lizard Sobble and the grass-type is the fun-loving chimp Grookey. No other Pokemon have been revealed as of yet.

The Direct rounded things off by teasing more Pokemon related news in the works between now and the Late 2019 release window and set expectations for Sword and Shield as the best Pokemon experiences to date. All aboard the hype train!

Yannis Vatis

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

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