Final Fantasy VII to get an episodic release

Platforms: Sony PlayStation 4
Final Fantasy VII to get an episodic release

The long awaited Final Fantasy VII Remake is not only updating the presentation to fit with the modern era but is switching to an episodic model for release - effectively splitting the game into parts that will be released over a period of time rather than in one full game with one payment.

The initial announcement of the update, made back in 2015, did inform us that the game would be released in episodes, but mentions of this release model were dropped in future conversations and announcements. It has now been confirmed, via the game's Japanese press release, that it will indeed span a number of instalments.

It remains to be seen how this change of model will affect gameplay and pacing. With the original release taking dozens of hours to complete, releasing Final Fantasy VII in this more digestible format actually makes a lot of sense but it is sure to disappoint those who wanted to binge their play of the game in a few sittings.

The first episode of Final Fantasy VII will be released on Playstation 4 later this year. As soon as we know more about the wider release schedule for the remaining episodes we'll update this story.

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