Fall Guys: Winter Knockout is coming for Season 3

Platforms: Sony PlayStation 4 | PC
Fall Guys: Winter Knockout is coming for Season 3

The third season of Fall Guys has been revealed to be called Winter Knockout.

Fall Guys season 3 was teased by getting the community involved with the reveal.

Mediatonic asked for 300 volunteers on Twitter to participate in a community puzzle to unlock the theme for the next season. The lucky entrants were sent a puzzle piece in their DMs. The community needed to work together to put the pieces together. 300 people do fast work, unsurprisingly, as the community solved the puzzle in less than a day and worked out the secrets of Fall Guys: Season3.

Fall Guys will be moving from the medieval themes of Season 2 to Winter Knockout, an appropriately themed season for the cold months ahead.

We don't have a lot to go on here, but we can clearly see penguin and snowman suits which are just obscenely adorable.

Fall Guys: Winter Knockout currently has no official release date, but it is a safe bet that it arrives sometime next month.

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