Fall Guys to get even more chaotic with the introduction of ‘Big Yeetus’

We got a brief glimpse at what season two of Fall Guys will look like last week and yesterday the game’s Twitter account teased a new mechanic in the form of a giant hammer, called Big Yeetus. Check out the GIF below from the Fall Guys Twitter account.

According to Mediatonic “Big Yeetus will randomly appear in levels – to shake things up” and this is quite a significant change in how the rounds work. Up until now, each of the rounds in Fall Guys has remained pretty static, with Jump Showdown the only new round added since release, meaning that if you’ve played each round enough you can figure out how you’re going to approach it. Which is great when you’re going for crowns, but it makes everything a little more predictable. And as I’ve been saying to friends, I think the the best way to play Fall Guys is fast and loose, risk-it-all and be prepared to look stupid. It makes the losses a little funnier and the wins so much sweeter when you take this approach, I will be aiming for that crazy-spinning hammer as soon as I see it in the game.

Summer 2020 has been the summer of the jellybean without a doubt, with Fall Guys now the most downloaded PS Plus game ever, as well as raising $1 million for gaming charity for Special Effect. For a game with no chat or communication between competing players, it’s even brought us together a little bit. Check out the clip below from Twitter user Colombogaming for your daily fix of Fall Guys goodness.

Ben Ingham

Updated: Sep 03, 2020

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Fall Guys to get even more chaotic with the introduction of ‘Big Yeetus’ | The Digital Fix