Fall Guys Season 2 teaser shown by Mediatonic at Gamescom

Developer Mediatonic gave fans a peek of what they can expect when in October when season 2 of Fall Guys starts, with the teaser trailer below shown at Gamescom last night.

Jellybean + dragon costume = everything I ever needed.

Fall Guys is looking back with season 2, with new rounds and costumes inspired by the middle ages. We got a brief glimpse at some new costumes, from dragons and wizards to knights vikings, those cute little jellybeans looked adorable in those new costumes. Alongside the new costumes, we got a look at four new rounds, which IGN tweeted screenshots of last night.

The only thing that could make this game better is Craig Charles on commentary.

Halfway through this year, it would’ve been hard to think that any game could pull off as big a surprise as Animal Crossing did, but Fall Guys seems to have come out of nowhere. From conquering the Twitch charts, invading Skyrim and getting the gaming community together to raise money for charity, the hit of the summer looks set to be in the spotlight for the rest of the year.

“In season two, you’ll be dressing your fall guy as a medieval hero and competing across brand new rounds inspired by epic quests from the middle ages. Traverse giant drawbridges, dodge swinging axes and scale movable sea drams in the quest for ultimate game show glory”

Joe Walsh – Lead Game Designer
Ben Ingham

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

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