Fall Guys offers more hints at what horrors and delights await us for Season 2

Platforms: Sony PlayStation 4 | PC
Fall Guys offers more hints at what horrors and delights await us for Season 2

Fall Guys Season 2 lands (probably after losing its balance and wobbling to the floor) on Thursday and Mediatonic are starting to share a few sneaky peeks into what awaits us.

First up was a new level reveal, which came via IGN, in the form of Knight Fever. 

Video courtesy of Mediatonic/IGN.

This new race stage looks like a real nightmare (Knightmare?) to get through. Mediatonic have said this level is a “skill check” for players who got too good at the existing races. Sort of their way of saying you ain’t shit, I guess. It looks positively terrifying with its mix of rotating platforms, draw bridges, and Thicc Bonkus.

Yes, Big Yeetus has brought a friend to play for Season 2. This massive swinging spiky battering ram will be the cause of many an elimination going forward, we suspect. While Big Yeetus could sometimes be used for good, launching you across large chasms at great speed, it does not look like the Thicc one will be as charitable.

There are also wall-based challenges, where moving blocks into place appears to be the name of the game. Given how incompetent people are with general teamwork in Fall Guys I cannot wait to see what mayhem is unleashed here.

Fall Guys is also getting some nice new additions to the customisation screens with new randomised costumes and customisable interface screens.

And on the matchmaking side of things, we finally have a proper party screen. Your bean will fall alone no more, now all your friends will be with you while you wait for a server to load/boot you out.

Fall Guys Season 2 launches this Thursday. We’ll see you there.

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