Fall Guys News BEANanza: Season Two teased, Mobile Versions, and Patch Notes!

Fall Guys simply cannot be stopped. The game goes from strength to strength, still a dominant presence in the Twitch charts, and spawning more memes than one can reasonably keep up with, and it is showing no signs of slowing down.

Season Two

While Fall Guys Season 1 is well underway, Mediatonic are already gearing up for Season 2 and we will get our first look at what Fall Guys future looks like this week at GamesCom’s Opening Night Live.

GamesCom head honcho, Geoff Keighley teased us over Twitter:

GamesCom will begin on 27th August at 7pm BST so be sure to tune in.

Fall Guys goes Mobile

While Fall Guys are currently exclusive to PS4 and PC, everyone has been wondering where the next port would land. Popular YouTube critic, Skill Up, even polled his followers on where they’d like to see the game go next. The Nintendo Switch was the favourite and fans were even eager to see a Segway Dreamcast port over a Stadia release. Poor Stadia.

But, it turns out, the next home for the Fall Guys brand of chaos is no console at all. It will actually be on a mobile phone. In China.

Daniel Ahmad, an Asian markets analyst, noticed that Chinese games and entertainment company Bilibili had obtained the publishing rights to a mobile version of Fall Guys.

China has a massive mobile gaming market, it is still the dominant marketplace for gaming to the point where it became major news around the world that a Chinese developer was producing the first-ever Chinese AAA title with Wukong: Black Myth. It makes sense that Fall Guys would reach an even bigger audience through mobile gaming. Whether this translates to western audiences getting access to this version remains to be seen.

Patch Notes

And, finally, Mediatonic has announced the next patch for Fall Guys that will address a number of issues including a fix for the top 5 most frequent crashes.

For ease of reading, here is the list in full:

  • Tweaked round selection algorithm to select a Team game only if the team sizes can be equal
  • Party members are now sorted first in Spectator mode
  • [PS4 Only] Added Controller options, including Invert X/Y axis and sensitivity settings
  • Slime Climb: players can no longer grab some of the moving obstacles
  • Jump Showdown: changed geometry to prevent a gameplay exploit
  • Jump Showdown: fixed camera auto-panning
  • Improved in-game Store purchase dialog to avoid accidental selections
  • Addressed the top 5 most frequent crashes
  • Visual fixes to some of the outfits
  • [PS4 Only] Improved UI performance on non-Pro PS4 models
  • Added option to change the jump button binding for Japan
  • Trophy/Achievement names and descriptions are now correctly displayed in all supported languages
  • Removed move speed nerf from Yellow Team (Don’t post this one)

That last one is just a play on the meme that Yellow Team are the worst in all Team Modes. I hope because I’ve lost on Yellow a lot.

The patch is expected sometime this week.

Now that you’re done reading you can get back to cursing out the worst Fall Guys level, Slime Climb, just like I will be.

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Updated: Aug 24, 2020

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