Facebook launches new app to challenge Twitch & YouTube

Facebook may be the reigning king of social media but it has struggled to make a claim to the throne of gaming streaming that is hotly contested between Twitch, YouTube and Mixer. In a bid to join the already highly contentious market place, Facebook gave fast-tracked the launch of their dedicated streaming app, the ingeniously titled Facebook Gaming (I wonder if Sean Parker helped clean that one up, too), in response to the ongoing Coronavirus crisis.

What makes this app stand out from the competition is the mobile streaming functionality; Facebook Gaming will let you broadcast your phone’s screen so you can stream your adventures in Raid: Shadow Legends or one of those grossly misleading real-time strategy games, something YouTube only offers to channels with over 1,000 subscribers. Facebook’s push to equalise it’s content creators is a key step towards bringing in fledgeling streamers.

To say they have a potentially captive audience is an understatement so there is likely no better time to launch the service. The inclusion of mobile gaming could give them the edge over their rivals in reaching some untapped demographics, like my mum, and foreign marketplaces with a strong mobile gaming presence like China.

The app launched on the Google Play app store this Monday and a version for the Apple iOS is coming soon.

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Updated: Apr 21, 2020

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