F1 2018 vs F1 2019 - these Monaco shots show just how much of an upgrade the latest F1 game is getting...

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When F1 2019 launches on June 28th, fans of the series and newcomers will be treated to a pretty substantial visual upgrade from last year's F1 2018.

Stuart Campbell, Art Director on F1 2019 has spoken about the extensive changes:

"We have increased the building fidelity with higher resolution geometry and a lot of the previously textured elements now have a full geometry pass, which is perfectly demonstrated in turn one heading up to the casino. We’ve increased object placement and crowd density which provides more interest and realism and brings greater depth so the player gets a better sense of the atmosphere during the race weekend. From a surface perspective, new scan-based tarmac adds to the realism by giving better light response on the track surface."

To demonstrate the upgrades, Codemasters have released the same screenshots of the Monaco circuit from both F1 2018 and F1 2019.

Grab the slider to move between the shots from F1 2018 and F1 2019. The game is indicated in the bottom right hand corner.

As you can tell, the environments have a much higher resolution in F1 2019, with the detail and shadow mapping on buildings seeing a massive overhaul. There is a level of realism in the environments that simply wasn't there before. Hover the slider over the grassy bank in the image below; that is proof enough for me that F1 2019 has had a major graphical overhaul.

All of these comparison shots very clearly demonstrate the new "scan-based tarmac" that has been added to the latest entry in the F1 series. Previously, the tarmac was a drab brown texture, now it is reflecting a lot more sunlight and appears much more life-like. The last set of images exhibit this best. Speaking of sunlight, F1 2019 is seemingly using a much more realistic lighting model, or at least an upgraded one. Reflections, shadows, and sun rays are all improved, with the cars also benefiting as demonstrated in the last two images of F1 2019.

F1 2019 is shaping up very nicely, and visual upgrades are always welcome in annually released games. The game is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on June 28th.

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