Epic Games slip one extra middle-finger to Apple in new Fortnite iPhone update

While most Fortnite users are enjoying the Marvel-themed epicness of Nexus War, iOS users will be left out in the cold like street urchins gazing longingly through a foggy restaurant window as the wealthy dine on their fat, delicious goose.

Epic Games are currently embroiled in an ugly legal battle with Apple after Fortnite was removed from the App Store due to Epic installing an alternative payment method that circumvents Apple’s own payment system. Epic Games have been on the offensive ever since, pantomiming for the public with a series of parodies on old Apple iconography, and painting themselves as scrappy Davids in the face of Apple’s Goliath.

Epic scored an early, minor win against Apple this week when a judge awarded them a temporary restraining order that prevented Apple from terminating their Apple Developer Program account, which Epic argued would ruin the Unreal Engine. The judge, however, did not grant them their request to have Fortnite returned to iOS.

So while Apple customers are missing out on playing ad Wolverine or She-Hulk in Nexus War, they did get one sneaky little update: Adding the satirical Tart Tycoon skin to the game. 

This is little more than a sly dig at Apple rather than anything meaningful for Fortnite players who are now stranded on their iPhones since the lack of a new update shuts them out of crossplay with other platforms.

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Updated: Aug 27, 2020

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Epic Games slip one extra middle-finger to Apple in new Fortnite iPhone update | The Digital Fix