Elite Dangerous to get some beginner friendly updates

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Elite Dangerous to get some beginner friendly updates

The April update to Elite Dangerous is set to be released on 23rd April across Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC and will focus on a number of quality of life improvements to the game - including making the initial experience more rewarding for beginners and ironing out a few of the slight annoyances that the huge game has built up.

The headline new feature is the Beginners Zone - a region of space only accessible to new players who haven't started progressing up the ranks. The zone will feature simpler missions to soften some of that steep learning curve.

The new update brings some new ship modules - the Advanced Docking Computer makes taking off as easy as landing, allowing new commanders to leave their local station without getting embarrassingly wedged up against an Orca. This module will also come as standard in all newly-purchased small ships. If you're starting up a new account, you will find the Advanced Docking Computer in your ship from the get-go - making it easier for you to embark and disembark from your favourite stations without colliding with the walls, landing pads or your fellow Commanders.​

The Supercruise Assist will remove the loop of shame for anyone who equips it. Point your ship at the destination, switch on the Supercruise Assist and be confident that you'll arrive at your destination in perfect time AND where you actually meant to be. This module will also come as standard in all newly-purchased ships.​

With the the Supercruise Assist, you will also be able to enter into orbit around a body - allowing you to launch discovery probes and take screenshots without the fear of face-planting the dusty, rocky ground.​

With the introduction of these new modules, small ships will be outfitted with two additional size one Optional Internal slots, while medium and large ships will also receive one additional Optional Internal slot. This will automatically and retroactively apply to all relevant ships.

There are a number of other improvements to the game UI to make the whole experience a little more streamlined. There's also the 'Pilot's Handbook' which is a treasure trove of information, providing details on the many activities available to you in Elite Dangerous. Whether you're a veteran, or you've only just graduated from flight school, these articles will help you discover what opportunities are out there - and what is required to get involved in them.

The full list of updates announced so far can be read over in the Frontier Forums.

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