Elite Dangerous: Odyssey - the first of four Alpha phases goes live today

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Frontier Developments have announced that the long-awaited Odyssey expansion enters public alpha testing today. The new paid DLC allows players to step foot on many of the billions of planets in the game adding a whole new aspect to the gameplay.

The alpha will take place over four phases of increasing functionality - the initial phase will allow those taking part to play within one star system to ensure there is plenty of interaction with other players. This will then expand first to a 20 light year bubble and then a 50 light year bubble opening up multiple star systems and planets. The final phase will see those taking part being able to play as their own commander.

The phases will also focus on different aspects of the game from exploration to combat.

  • Phase 1: First Steps. Focussing on Odyssey’s core systems and network features, Phase 1 will group all Commanders in a single star system to maximize player interaction. Players can purchase the Remlock Maverick scavenger suit and the Takada and Kinematic weapon sets, and take part in a selection of activities, including salvage, collection and delivery. Players will not have access to spaceships at this stage, but in-system travel will still be possible thanks to the new Apex Interstellar feature.
  • Phase 2: Combat. Introducing Elite Dangerous: Odyssey’s first person combat experience, Commanders will have access to the Manticore Dominator combat suit. Faction conflicts will be enabled, in time for the Frontline Solutions Mercenary Company to start operations in this phase. Additionally, players will be able to travel up to 20 light years in their own spaceships, and can get involved in an expanded variety of missions, including trading with settlements in neighbouring systems.
  • Phase 3: Exploration. Expanding the playable bubble to 50 light years, this phase shall include unexplored planets and the coveted “First Footfall” experience. Commanders can now don the Supratech Artemis explorer suit and analyse alien organics with the Genetic Sampler tool.
  • Phase 4: Compatibility. In the final phase of the Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Alpha, players will have access to their own Commanders, and test the inclusion of existing features in the main game, like Fleet Carriers, ship-launched Fighters and SRVs.

Areas of play and features during the Alpha are subject to change.

Access to the Alpha is available to those who have the Lifetime Expansion Pass owners and players who have pre-ordered the Odyssey Deluxe Alpha expansion pack. The full release of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey will launch later this spring on PC and will follow later on consoles.

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