Elite Dangerous: Horizons will soon be a FREE upgrade for all players

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Elite Dangerous: Horizons will soon be a FREE upgrade for all players

Frontier Developments have announced that Elite Dangerous: Horizons, the season pass that introduced planetary landings to the game, will become a free download for ALL players from 27th October.

With the next season of updates soon due to arrive it's not a huge surprise that Frontier would like to bring all users up to the same level of base game - in order to provide one level of support instead of two going forward.

Players will receive the complete Horizons experience via a free update to Elite Dangerous on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Players who previously purchased Horizons will receive an exclusive Azure paint job compatible with all 41 ships currently in game.

Elite Dangerous: Horizons becoming free will precede the release of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey which will touch down in early 2021 and will allow players to set actual foot on planets and space stations for the first time. It will also introduce more planetary biomes including some basic atmospheric worlds with signs of non-Human AND non-Thargoid life.

Existing Elite Dangerous: Horizons players will get access to this awesome Azure paint option for all of their ships to make up for the fact that new players will be getting the paid expansion for free.

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