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E3 2014: EA Conference Wrap-Up

Platforms: Sony PlayStation 4 | Microsoft Xbox One

EA opened their E3 conference with a new look at Star Wars: Battlefront, which confirmed we will see more from the game in Spring 2015. In the video below, we see that EA went into the Star Wars archives to gain every bit of information on the universe to create the best possible Star Wars game.

Next up was Dragon Age: Inquistion which received a new slice of gameplay as well as a new trailer ahead of its 7th October release.

Bioware took to the stage next, teasing a new Mass Effect game and a new IP. Unfortunately neither game was officially announced, however there is a lot of promise surrounding them both. Check out the trailer below.

UFC opened the EA Sports section of the show, which revealed that you will be able to play as Bruce Lee in the game. NFL Madden 15 was up next which we don't have a lot to say about because we're, you know, English. But American sport fans may find this trailer interesting!

Criterion Games announced that they are working on a new racing game, with a new hook of it being completely in first person. The game was not officially titled or revealed, however the developers seem to be very excited about it. Check out this trailer below.

Mirror's Edge took center stage next and showed off a new trailer. Unfortunately we still don't have a release date for this game yet, so don't expect it until the end of 2015 at least.

EA ended their show with a look at Battlefield: Hardline multiplayer. The video focuses on a 32 player heist mission featuring both cops and robbers. The game seems to focus on slightly smaller maps as opposed to Battlefield 4, but keeping the same level of destruction.

Overall, EA's conference was extremely disappointing. The leak took a lot of steam out of the Battlefield: Hardline reveal and the other announcements felt very lackluster. While the promise of a new IP is very exciting, not getting to see it nor a new Mass Effect game let the conference down.

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