Dragon Ball Legends for Mobile

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Dragon Ball Legends is a brand new mobile game from Bandai Namco that utilises the GCP Cloud Network to bring smooth real-time PVP to your mobile. Naturally this brings the usual risks of mobile gaming, like loss of connection, to the fray but providing you have a stable internet connection it looks like this could be a good one to take a look at for fans of the series.

In a technologically impressive play rather than having region specific servers there will just a single unified network thanks to the google technology. This means if you are number one in the game you genuinely are the best in the world and not just in your region. Whether the system copes with the potential player base offered by mobile will certainly be of interest to many in both tech and gaming so this could lead to a wave of games utilising this system. During the announcement they demonstrated a match between one person the Moscone Centre in San Francisco and an opponent in Tokyo in order to demonstrate the strength of the connection and the speed which it allows.

In the announcement six characters were shown, Goku, Piccolo, Frieza, Android 16, Vegeta and perhaps most interestingly Pan from GT. As the game is not a Dragon Ball Z game it suggests there could be characters from every outing of everyone's favourite screaming martial artists. The combat itself is a combination of tapping cards to activate different attacks and then swiping to dodge and move. Whether or not you can make your own decks has yet to be shown but would add some extra strategy to each match would could appeal to more people than just a straight fighter would.

The card system also allows you to combo actions together which in turn can create special attacks in the from of cut scenes. Speaking of which, graphically the game is really quite stunning for a mobile game but appears to follow more in the steps of Xenoverse than Dragon Ball FighterZ in terms of style. Whether or not the game manages to capitalise on the fantastic showing of Dragon Ball FigtherZ is uncertain but with mobile gaming becoming increasingly popular and accessible it certainly has a chance. There will be a livestream of the game on the 20th and we will be getting some hands on play as well as a chat with Keigo Ikeda and Toshitaka Tachibana so should get a lot more info on this promising mobile endeavour.

In the mean time, look at this incredible Logo:


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