Dragon Age 4's setting has apparently been confirmed in a new Bioware book

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Dragon Age 4's setting has apparently been confirmed in a new Bioware book

According to a new book about BioWare, Dragon Age 4 will be taking fans to the previously uncharted lands of Tevinter.

BioWare: Stories and Secrets from 25 Years of Game Development is the publication in question and charts the history of the Mass Effect developer so far, with a few hints of what is yet to come.

In one of the sections on the Dragon Age series, as seen by a Eurogamer staff member, it appears to be confirmed that "the long-awaited follow-up to Dragon Age: Inquisition […] will take players to Tevinter as the events of Inquisition and Trespasser threaten to forever change Thedas."

Tevinter has been one of the most popular theories for the setting of Dragon Age 4, as per the official teaser, we know the game will feature Solas, a major character in Inquisition and the Trespasser DLC, which concluded with a major hint pointing towards Tevinter.

It is plausible that Dragon Age 4 isn't going to be exclusive to Tevinter and players could find themselves exploring other regions as well since it is unlikely anyone at BioWare wants a repeat of Dragon Age 2. Other viable options in the vicinity of Tevinter that have yet to feature in a mainline Dragon Age game as Antiva, the Anderfels, and Rivain. I think all Dragon Age fans can probably agree that they have had their fill of Ferelden by now.

We are still some ways off from Dragon Age 4, EA has yet to offer a release date, and footage has been limited to pre-rendered trailers and concept art. So settle in for the winter, it may be some time before we see Tevinter yet.

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