DoomGuy is coming to Fall Guys soon

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DoomGuy is coming to Fall Guys soon

We've had Godzilla, we've had Sonic and now gamers can prepare to suit up and tumble from one obstacle to the next as one of gaming's most iconic characters: Doomguy.

In any other year, a protagonist who spends most of his time slaying demons and blasting everything in his path, wouldn't normally find his way into a jellybean filled battle royale but, this is also the year that DOOM ran on a pregnancy test so, this seems the most natural next step for the character. Check out the official teaser below.

DoomGuy follows hot on the heels of Godzilla and Sonic in joining Fall Guys and while we didn't get a full look at what a demon-slaying jellybean would look like, I'm betting it's going to be an equal parts mix of cute and silly, which is pretty much where Fall Guys sits on the battle royale spectrum.

Fall Guys is currently towards the end of the medieval-inspired season 2, with the switch to the winter-themed season 3 due to start some time this month, Mediatonic will be keen to keep that player base as high as possible over the holiday period, after storming to the top of Twitch viewing charts just after release, which seemed like so long ago but was only a few months ago during the summer of lockdown.

While we don't have a release date for DoomGuy touching down in Fall Guys, we do know that DOOM Eternal is finally releasing on Nintendo Switch next week, after rumours that the Switch edition would be cancelled. So expect the Fall Guys crossover not long after, if not before.

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