Dirtbag scalpers snatch up Argos PS5 stock before it goes online

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Dirtbag scalpers snatch up Argos PS5 stock before it goes online

Scalpers, ever the scum of the earth, found a loophole in UK retailer Argos' online store where they could access checkout URLs for the PS5 stock on the Argos website before they were made publicly available.

As such, today's planned stock was wiped out by these opportunistic vultures. This was first noticed by IGN.

Argos has since responded to the reports and confirmed the chain was aware of the existing exploit, and it has been dealt with, hopefully meaning any further scalping attempts will fail.

Last December a collection of Scottish MPs put forward a motion to enact legislation that prevents people from reselling electronic goods "greatly above Manufacturer's Recommended Retail Price", much in the same way the law enforces the re-sale of live-event tickets. Still, we know the wheels of democracy move slowly; it may be some time before anything comes of it. Retailers seem to be doing the bare minimum to address this issue since money is money to them, so we need to be smart consumers.

The best thing we can do is starve them of oxygen. The scalpers are boasting on social media right now, but they won't get any further press here, and I would recommend you resist rage-sharing any tweets you find. Even as a screenshot with the details obscured. What they want is for desperate people to track them down and pay extortionate prices for their goods.

Be patient. Wait for the stocks to stabilise, let the scalpers sit on half a dozen PS5s that they cannot sell, and you buy the hardware at an appropriate price from your preferred retailer.

Think of how satisfying it will be when those bulk-buying dickheads need to sell off their stock at a huge loss.

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