Dinosaur Planet: Lost N64 game released online

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Dinosaur Planet: Lost N64 game released online

A cancelled N64 game from Rare has finally been released online in a playable form.

Dinosaur Planet was a 3D action-adventure title initially announced for the N64 in 1999. During development, Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto decided to pivot the title into a Star Fox spin-off. It would eventually miss the N64 lifespan entirely and found itself on the GameCube as Star Fox Adventures.

A gaming preservationist group has released online a fully playable (and a bit buggy) build of Dinosaur Planet.

The group, called Forest of Illusion, have uploaded the unreleased Dinosaur Planet build. In a series of tweets, the group explained that the build was purchased from a private game collector in Sweden. The files found in the build suggest it was last worked on December 2000, making it very late in the lifespan of the N64 console, and the Star Fox changes were already being implemented.

The released version of Dinosaur Planet is allegedly the full game, but it won't currently run without bugs on your N64 emulators; the group explained some hacking will be required before it runs without any issues. If you are willing to wrestle with the potential hassle, the ROM is available to download.

This is now the second lost Rare title to find new life online this month, with an unreleased build of the cancelled XBLA remake of Rare's classic Goldeneye was also released online in a playable form.

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