Destiny 2 pays moving tribute to recently deceased developer with new lore

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Destiny 2 pays moving tribute to recently deceased developer with new lore

Destiny 2 is paying tribute to Matt Helsom, an artist who worked at Vicarious Visions, the studio that assisted Bungie in the development of Destiny, who passed away last year.

When your Guardian arrives in Destiny 2 this week they’ll be asked to go investigate some lost Golden Age tech on Mars leading you to a journal recording from a man named Helsom.

When you hand the journal over to Ana Bray she’ll explain that “by all accounts, Helsom was a cigar-smoking, whiskey-drinking explorer who hated flying. He’d refused to use jumpships for planetary exploration. Would just hop in a rover and drive halfway across Mars to do his research.”

The journal comes with some very interesting new wrinkles to the Destiny lore, a theory of ”instances of contact between extrasolar species and humanity, long before the Traveller.”

This tribute also comes with a free Cipher that players can use to unlock an exotic engram.

Destiny 2 players will only be able to pay their respects until 10th November, when the entirety of Mars is placed the game’s vault to make way for the next Beyond Light expansion.

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From World of Warcraft’s extensive list of in-game memorials to developers, fans, and notable world figures to the achingly beautiful story of the Minecraft player who built a memorial statue of his dearly departed wife’s in-game character, entirely in survival mode, with the aid of the Minecraft community. The emergence of using video games as a way of honouring and memorialising the people we miss is a testament to the importance that these games have in our lives; they are not simply ways to entertain and pass the time anymore, they are a way of connecting with people and gaining something precious and important.

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