Death Stranding book adaptation coming west this November

Death Stranding, to my mind Hideo Kojima’s masterpiece, was released last year to acclaim and confusion as us the norm for a Kojima joint. Few gaming auteurs are as distinctly idiosyncratic as Hideo Kojima and that means sometimes his narratives are too dense or too winding to follow clearly. It took me a decent chunk of my considerable playtime with Death Stranding (all in, I hit about 200 hours of pure gameplay outside of the story content) before I finally clicked with what Kojima was doing.

For anyone who may need to do some further reading, or simply want to relive the crazy story in an all-new way, Kenji Yano is adapting the story in serialised novel form and the first instalment is set to hit western markets on the 3rd of November by way of Titan Books.

The first instalment is 304 pages long so Yano is certainly ready to take the scenic route with Kojima’s epic tale, he will not be skipping to the end any time soon, and that is good to know.

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Updated: Aug 12, 2020

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