Death Stranding: 2019 release date, 9 minute trailer, and preorder bonuses revealed

Platforms: Sony PlayStation 4
Death Stranding: 2019 release date, 9 minute trailer, and preorder bonuses revealed

Earlier today the creepy Death Stranding livestream evolved from an ever-changing loop of vague footage to a full-blown cinematic and gameplay trailer nearly 9 minutes long that culminates to a November 8th, 2019 release date.

It's stunning, and after watching it three times I'm still not completely sure what the game is going to be like or what the entire premise is about. Have a look for yourselves and come back for some thoughts.

Let's break this down a bit: Sam Bridges, played by Norman Reedus, is a member of BRIDGES, an organisation tasked with putting back together the fractured society of the United States. He's got this massive backpack strapped behind him which we can only assume contains the tools he needs to accomplish this goal. One of them includes a telescopic ladder which can be placed to help with traversing hazardous terrain. On top of that, he can connect with a pod that contains what is called a Bridge Baby - bridges seem to be a bit of a theme here - in order to connect with...the past? It's not entirely clear what that means or what role these baby-in-a-pods play in the grand scheme of things.

One thing is for sure; the ultimate theme of Death Stranding seems to be "connection". There's a lot to unpack from this stunning trailer so I'll leave the speculation for the socials.

Aside from the November release date, a slew of editions has also been revealed ready for pre-ordering today, complete with bonuses. First up, pre-ordering the Standard Edition will net you a download voucher for a Chibi Ludens (the Kojima Productions logo) PSN avatar and a Death Stranding PS4 dynamic theme. You will also receive gold versions of in-game items earned through gameplay: Gold "Sam" Sunglasses, Gold Hat, Gold Speed Skeleton for increased movement speed, and Gold Armor Plate for increased damage protection.

The Special Edition comes with all the Standard Edition bonuses plus a collector's steelbook case (me want!), a gold version of the "Ludens Mask" Sunglasses earned through gameplay, as well as digital downloads of the game's soundtrack and behind the scenes video. By pre-ordering the Digital Deluxe Edition, you will receive all digital incentives of the Standard and Special Editions plus a slew of Gold versions of other in-game items.

Finally, the Collector's Edition contains all digital bonuses of the Digital Deluxe Edition, the steelbook, a life-sized Bridge Baby Pod Statue (good luck explaining that to your next date), a BRIDGES cargo case and a Ludens keychain.

There's a lot to be excited for here and we will be covering all news on Death Stranding all the way to its November 8th release date so stay tuned here on The Digital Fix.

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