Cyberpunk 2077 News! Popular YouTuber Alanah Pearce joins cast; tiny Keanu Reeves for sale

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Cyberpunk 2077 News! Popular YouTuber Alanah Pearce joins cast; tiny Keanu Reeves for sale

Ahead of tonight’s Night City Wire stream, where more fun details of CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 will be revealed, a few fun (or at least fun adjacent) bits of news have dropped about the upcoming RPG blockbuster.

Popular gaming YouTuber and former IGN journalist Alanah Pearce has revealed that she is joining the big, crazy world of Cyberpunk 2077. Pearce has been modelled in-game and will also provide the voice of her NPC.

From IGN to CDPR

Pearce talked more about the news in a video on her YouTube channel but explained that she cannot reveal foo much information about her character or the side quest involving her. She did, however, confirm that it would be specific to the Nomad life choice.

Pearce is not the only celebrity figure to be brought into Cyberpunk 2077, pop star Grimes will be an in-game musician, and we all know about a certain Keanu Reeves.

Reeves is playing Johnny Silverhand and will play a significant role in the story, more so than anyone else, so naturally, the marketing leans in heavily on this. Everyone loves Keanu, after all.

But if you really love Keanu, like me, then you know in your heart the one thing missing is a small motionless replica of him to put on your desk or bookshelf. Thankfully, PureArts has our back with a 1/4 scale replica figure of Keanu in full Silverhand mode. It comes with an assortment of clothes and accessories (including a cigar, guitar, and sunglasses) and an LCD backdrop that plays music and screensavers from Cyberpunk 2077.

Hold me closer, Tiny Keanu

Tiny Keanu is in limited supply (2,077 units for some crazy reason that is hard to determine) so he comes with an $849 price tag or $899 for the deluxe edition. So you may have to sell your newly acquired PS5 or Xbox Series X to fund it. A fair sacrifice, you will agree.

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