Crystal Dynamics really, really want you to play Marvel’s Avengers again; promises new content coming soon

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Crystal Dynamics really, really want you to play Marvel’s Avengers again; promises new content coming soon

Crystal Dynamics Studio Head Scot Amos believes that players will return to Marvel's Avengers, with the promise of new missions and modes coming in "the weeks ahead."

This announcement has been made somewhat out of necessity as the Marvel’s Avengers player base has plummeted since release, most notably on Steam where the players have maxed out at 2000 a day but have often fallen below 1000.

Issuing a statement to Kotaku, who contacted the developer about this ongoing issue, Amos said: "We have a number of new content pieces coming in the weeks ahead including: a totally new War Zone mission type called Tachyon Rifts, a new Outpost that’s a jumping-off point for new story missions in the future, and AIM’s Cloning Lab, which requires a coordinated high-level group of four players to beat with new top-end loot rewards for finishing it.”

Amos went on to address the upcoming Hawkeye updates, bringing Clint Barton and Kate Bishop to the Avengers roster in "the near future." And went on to say "These new Operations pick up right from where the main Reassemble campaign ended in the core game and will propel the overall world story forward with new mysteries and villains, as well as new multi-player content.”

Improved loot distribution and quality of life fixes are also expected, which Amos believes will see “PC players (as well as those on Xbox One and PlayStation 4) return to the game as we add exciting new late-game content and demonstrate that we continue to be focused on improving the game.”

My review of Marvel’s Avengers was not particularly kind but it was written out of frustration. For every good idea the game has, there are a dozen bad ones, and the divide is almost always portioned out ad a good story campaign moment versus a dozen bad ‘live service’ concepts. Sadly, the live service format is what Marvel’s Avengers is built on so every new content idea or fix is geared towards expanding on the thing that no one likes that much.

I do not like to see games fail but, at the same time, I am not remotely surprised to see Marvel’s Avengers disassemble like this.

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