Crusader Kings 3 will now let you rule the world as bisexual or asexual

Crusader Kings 3 is the latest entry in Paradox Development Studios’ role-playing strategy series for the PC, promising unparalleled depth of choice. That choice extends to the sexual orientation of your characters, as the game will no offer the option of being bisexual or asexual. 

Paradox wrote in their most recent dev diary:

 “In addition to heterosexuality and homosexuality from CK2, characters can also be bisexual and asexual. Sexuality is no longer defined by a trait, but has its own system, which makes it easier to handle for us and more visible in the interface for you. It also means that we do not frame heterosexuality as the default in CK3, which was also important for us.”

Naturally, this news was met in certain dank corners of the internet with the sort of calm and rationality that you would expect, but Paradox explained their reasoning in the same diary entry:

“CK3 truly is a diverse game; it spans a map of nearly half the world and almost six centuries of history. This world is inhabited by a myriad of titles, cultures, faiths, and characters. It’s been our goal to represent all of these things with a great level of detail and accuracy to give you all a deeply immersive experience with more dynamic elements and player choice than ever before.”

Accuracy is always the goal of a good strategy game and this aspect is a new, interesting way to accomplish that goal and trying to dispute the idea that the great world leaders of history would ever be gay, bi, or asexual should probably read a history book or two.

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Updated: Apr 15, 2020

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