Crimson Heist is teased as the next season of Rainbow Six Siege

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Crimson Heist is teased as the next season of Rainbow Six Siege

The next season of Rainbow Six Siege is now being teased by Ubisoft. The new season, titled Crimson Heist, will officially kick off Siege's Year 6 roadmap.

At the time of writing, this is all we know about the new Operator. We don't know what they do or their loadout; we don't even have a name. We just have red glasses.

Another trend being bucked this season is the eschewing of the "Operation" handle for the season title. Usually, that is a mainstay for each new season, but this time it is simply Crimson Heist. Perhaps it suggests more new tweaks on the old formula are coming this year?

Along with the new Operator, this season of Rainbow Six Siege will be retooling an existing map. The new Op preview shows tall palm trees which could hint at Border, Bank, Consulate, or Fortress as prime contenders for an upgrade, assuming this is not some massive deception by our mysterious new Operator.

More Crimson Heist details are expected to come when the full reveal takes on 21st February. Meanwhile, the Siege spin-off Rainbow Six Quarantine is currently considering a name-change, for obvious reasons.

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