Control publisher ultimately fail to explain next-gen upgrade policy

When Control: Ultimate Edition was announced, with the additional kicker of revealing existing Control owners would not receive a free next-gen upgrade, things did not go well. In fact, it could safely be described as an almighty fustercluck. 

Now publisher 505 Games has been forced to respond to criticism in a blog post

“We spent several months exploring all of our launch options for Control Ultimate Edition and no decision was taken lightly. While it is challenging bringing any game to next-gen platforms, we quickly realised it was even more difficult to upgrade our current user base to next gen with full parity across platforms with our year-old game.

Every avenue we pursued, there was some form of blocker and those blockers meant that at least one group of players ended up being left out of the upgrade for various reasons. As of today, we can’t offer an upgrade to everyone, and leaving any one group out feels unfair. We understand that is not what you want to hear.

Understandably, there are still some questions about what this means for those that already own Control on current gen consoles and we hope to clear this up.”

Control was a demanding title for current gen hardware, frequent performance issues plagued what was an otherwise compelling title, so if the Ultimate Edition was somehow an improved build of the game that could not simply be patched into the current build of the game then why does the blog post not specify that? This sounds very wishy-washy from 505. There is no clear reason why current-gen owners of Control cannot get access to the next-gen updates. 

And even if it was physically impossible to convert your current version of Control into the Ultimate Edition, why not offer your existing customers the chance to upgrade for a nominal fee? There is still the expectation that you buy the game for full price a second time around in order to enjoy the next-gen upgrade.

This remains total anti-consumer nonsense. This blog post will do nothing to stem the backlash, nor does it deserve to.

andrewshaw andrewshaw

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

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