Console Wars: Documentary About Nintendo vs Sega Coming This September

Console Wars: Documentary About Nintendo vs Sega Coming This September

Almost every gamer today can say that they remember the console wars. Some might be talking about the continuing battle between Microsoft and Sony, specifically during it's most heated period in the PS3 vs. Xbox 360 generation. Remnants of the war are still raging on, however most gamers today care more about just being able to play games they like, no matter the platform.

What many gamers today might not recall is the original console war, the bloodiest and most contentious fight for power between Nintendo and Sega at the turn of the century. The new CBS All Access documentary Console Wars takes a closer look at the battle that started it all. The film is backed by quite a few star studded producers, including Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, Josh Fagen, Scott Rudin and Eli Bush all working as executive producers with Julian Rosenberg, Doug Blush and Katie Mustard working as producers.

Console Wars is being directed by Jonah Tulis and Blake J. Harris who are also the two lead producers on the film. The same Blake J. Harris who penned the book Console Wars: Sega, Nintendo, and The Battle That Defined A Generation, released in 2014. Murmurings about a film adaptation have been around since the books release, with the latest being it would become a series made for tv. The film will finally make its debut on 23rd September, 2020.

With the heat of the console wars still burning almost 30 years since the start of the original, the chance to revisit this immensely important part of gaming history is an exciting opportunity, and one I'm personally looking forward to.

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