Classic Watch Dogs characters and more are coming to Watch Dogs Legion’s Bloodline season pass

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Classic Watch Dogs characters and more are coming to Watch Dogs Legion’s Bloodline season pass

Watch Dogs Legion is coming on the 29th October where players will get to pick and choose between their army of hackers, ready to liberate London.

The game will be getting its first post-launch support with a free multiplayer update (including the return of the surprisingly fun and effective Invader mode from Watch Dogs 2) coming on 3rd December. Watch Dogs Legion's paid season pass will also be coming post-launch.

The season pass, called Bloodline, will come with four new characters. First up is Aiden Pearce, the original Watch Dogs protagonist, who was a rather dour and vanilla feeling lead on release. Hopefully, the livelier world of Watch Dogs Legion will bring a little of life to this character.

Wrench, the hacker with the awesome LED mask from Watch Dogs 2, will also be joining the game. Watch Dogs 2 was a major upgrade from its predecessor, it made our Top 10 Greatest GTA Clones list and a big part of that was the colourful cast of characters.

Less is obviously known about the other two characters as they are brand-new to the franchise, at least THIS franchise. The third character is Mina, described as “a subject of trans-human experiments who possesses the ability to mind-control individuals," so basically hacking people’s brains. And the final new character is Darcy, a member of the Assassin's Brotherhood. Watch Dogs is getting an Assassin's Creed crossover, although apparently, it is non-canon. Bloodline will add "new gameplay abilities” to the game, so it is safe to assume these four new characters will each bring some new facets to the game.

The season pass will arrive in December along with the free multiplayer update, but no pricing has been announced yet. You can check out the roadmap guide, courtesy of PC Gamer below.

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