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Classic FM Devotes Evening to Game Music

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Primetime Classic FM show Saturday Night at the Movies, hosted by film and television composer Howard Goodall, will be airing a two-hour video game music special this coming Saturday, 15th March.

With three pieces of game music entering the annual Hall of Fame in 2013, Classic FM have been adding video game music to their regular playlists. Last year's three hundred track rundown saw Grant Kirkhope's soundtrack to Viva Pinata reach position 174, while Jeremy Soule's iconic score to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim reach the staggering heights of fifth place. The icing on the cake saw Nobuo Uematsu's work on the Final Fantasy series make third, knocking titans of classical music further down the charts than ever before.

With music from Final Fantasy, Halo and much, much more on this Saturday's show it looks like video game music is becoming more recognised than ever before. Tune in at 1700 on Saturday 15th March and stay tuned for the Hall of Fame 2014 - who knows where game music will appear this year!

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