Cheaper Nintendo Switch model expected to launch in June

Bloomberg has reported that a “new, cheaper version of the Switch” is expected to launch by the end of June 2019.

The report also states that the existing Nintendo Switch “will receive a modest upgrade this year” and a “more powerful version is not in the works”. This contradicts The Wall Street Journal’s recent claim that a more powerful version of the Switch would also be releasing.

The cheaper model of the Switch that is reportedly releasing this year will be a “miniature Switch, which could mean that it will be missing some of the functions of the previous console”, reports Nikkei.

A cheaper, smaller Nintendo Switch would likely be seen as the successor to the Nintendo 3DS, which currently has no first-party titles slated for release this year.

There currently is no cheap and accessible entry point for the Switch, with the console still largely being sold at the RRP of £279.99, with infrequent discounts. This price-point makes the console inaccessible to many, so a model that brings the price closer to that of the 3DS will likely be a huge win for Nintendo.

If Bloomberg’s report is correct, and the new Switch model is releasing in June, then we will almost definitely see the console unveiled at E3 in early June.

While we wait for what is likely to be a packed E3 for Nintendo, be sure to check out our thoughts on Nintendo’s attempt to jump into the virtual reality space with Labo VR.

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Updated: Apr 24, 2019

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