Celeste Director Confirms Madeline Is Trans

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Celeste Director Confirms Madeline Is Trans

"Is Madeline Canonically Trans? Well, yeah, of course she is". - Maddy Thorson

This news isn't too much of a shock, at least to those who played through the Farewell DLC for Celeste. Maddy explains themselves that little hints were placed carefully, and many who played Celeste have already been able to piece it together. Maddy Thorson gave fans the confirmation of Madeline's identity through a piece they wrote published to The Medium, which also goes into detail about their own journey towards recognizing that they themselves are also trans, through the development of Celeste.

Art by Amora, for Maddy Thorson's piece on The Medium

For myself, Celeste is an incredible example of a game's story thoughtfully and beautifully dealing with subjects that can be difficult to properly convey in media such as depression and self-identity issues, and this confirmation now adds another layer to that. It really is a beautiful game that everyone should play, and having another great example of trans representation in games in Madeline is a great step to hopefully more trans and non-binary folx representation.

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