Capcom teasing "a new challenger" - announcement coming tomorrow

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Capcom teasing

Capcom's UK Twitter account has released a video teasing a "special announcement" of a "new challenger" set for tomorrow.

The video appears to show various clips of some retro Capcom fighting games, including Darkstalkers, Alien Vs. Predator, and a version of Street Fighter II. All of these games featured on Capcom's CPS-2 hardware, so a CPS-2 retro collection could be a solid bet for tomorrow's announcement.

A new Capcom retro arcade collection sounds great, though it could simply be a new character for Street Fighter V, which would be welcome nonetheless.

We'll have all the details for you tomorrow when Capcom lift the lid on their "new challenger" at 3:00pm GMT/4:00pm CET, so stay tuned.

Whatever this is, let's hope it ends up on the Switch, eh?




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