Byleth from Fire Emblem: Three Houses Joins the Smash Bros Ultimate Roster

Platforms: Nintendo Switch
Byleth from Fire Emblem: Three Houses Joins the Smash Bros Ultimate Roster

Today’s Nintendo Direct was expected to be a meaty one considering its 38-minute length and focus on the last of Smash Bros Ultimate’s Fighter Pass DLC character. Game Director for Smash Ultimate, Masahiro Sakurai, revealed that the player character from Fire Embled: Three Houses, Byleth, would be joining the game’s gargantuan roster from January 28th.

As is customary with FE characters in Smash, Byleth will also come in both male and female flavours. Unlike the majority of the FE cast, however, Byleth will be more than just “another swordsman” as the newcomer fighter will have access to three other relic weapons: spear, axe, and bow. On top of that, Byleth’s main blade will have a few unique tricks up its scabbard, such as its Up Special turning it into a grappling hook for pulling them towards their opponent.

Byleth will be arriving along with a brand new stage with a unique twist. Garreg Mach Monastery, Three Houses’s hub of operations, will rotate between four different rooms, namely the reception hall, the marketplace, the bridge, and the cathedral. Of course there are going to be some new tracks to go with the shiny new stage.

Aside from Byleth, a slew of new Mii Fighter costumes will also be added to the game based on characters from a variety of franchises, including Megaman X and .Exe, Assassin’s Creed, Cuphead and Rabbids.

The January 2020 Nintendo Direct also shifted focus towards the final piece of upcoming DLC for Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Called Cindered Shadows, this brand new story will operate as a sort of sidetrack to the main campaign and introduce a fourth secret house, the Ashen Wolves. According to the Direct, this house has been operating beneath Garreg Mach without anyone’s knowledge. Players will be able to recruit an additional four characters from the Ashen Wolves who will then be brought over into the main story. Cindered Shadows is set to release on February 12th. A free piece of content that will make Jeritza playable is also set for a later date.

Love it or hate it, Byleth is another FE character joining the Smash Bros Ultimate roster. For more news from Nintendo, Fire Emblem and Smash, stay tuned here to The Digital Fix.

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