Bubble Bobble 4 will include the full original game

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

Switch owners will soon get the chance to play a brand new game in the Bubble Bobble series. Following the brilliant Bubble Bobble, Rainbow Islands and Parasol Stars, Bub and Bob are back in their original dinosaur form for Bubble Bobble 4 Friends.

Alongside Bubble Bobble 4 Friends, the release will also include the complete full version of the original Bubble Bobble game.

Developed by TAITO, the game looks set to replicate the bubble-popping gameplay of the first game in the series, but with the added fun that four players brings to the game.

The original Bubble Bobble saw one or two players cooperating to fight their way through 100 levels, blowing bubbles to capture their enemies and then popping them. It was followed by the acclaimed Rainbow Islands that replaced the single screen levels with vertically scrolling maps that were traversed with magica rainbows - which also doubled as a handy way to dispatch the baddies.

The final game in the series was Parasol Stars which again switched things up with larger, flatter levels and some particularly hardy parasols that helped Bub and Bob fend off the strange creatures sent to get them.

European players will get to play the game on 19th November with both digital and physical releases planned. Bubble Bobble 4 Friends will then release in the US in early 2020.

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