Bloober Team teases possible Observer 2 as their follow-up to The Medium

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Bloober Team teases possible Observer 2 as their follow-up to The Medium

Bloober Team has just released The Medium and it's already proven to be a massive success for the studio, recouping its development and marketing costs in under a week. All eyes are now fixed on what the acclaimed Polish developer is going to do next.

One possibility being floated is a sequel to their 2017 cyberpunk horror masterpiece, Observer. In an interview with VG247, The Medium's lead designer Wojciech Piejko the idea of an Observer 2.

"We never know [what's next]," Piejko said. "It's always like, okay, so what will be next? Maybe Observer 2 or maybe… we are always wondering. So we are not closing any doors, but right now we can only say that there will be darkness behind those doors."

Observer was released in 2017 to much acclaim. It's prestige only grew with the much-improved next-gen remaster, called Observer: System Redux, released last year. The game starred the late-great Rutger Hauer in what would be one of his final roles. It concerned a special police detective, known as an Observer, investigating a series of gruesome murders in a locked-down apartment complex. It scored a 9/10 in our review and even made it onto our list of the 10 greatest cyberpunk games of all time.

We are still a ways off from Bloober Team announcing their next project, they are still reaping the rewards for a hugely successful launch of The Medium, which we gave another 9/10 score in our review. Whatever Bloober Team have planned next, it is sure to be worth the wait and will give us ample time to bulk buy new trousers before making us crap ourselves again.

Observer: System Redux is available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X. The Medium is available on PC and Xbox Series X.

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