Blade Runner - the Westwood lost classic is back

Platforms: Retro | PC | Apple Mac

GOG have finally managed to bring back Westwood Games' utterly enthralling adaptation of Blade Runner - making the classic adventure playable on modern PCs.

The game, while not directly following the story of the film, sits tightly within the same universe and you get to interact with a number of the film's characters. Blade Runner made use of voxels to provide a detailed 3D environment that set it apart from other 2D point and click adventures of the day.

In the game, you take the role of detective Ray McCoy. Armed with your investigative skills and tools of the Blade Runner trade, you must roam the dark, rainy streets of Los Angeles A.D. 2019 in pursuit of androids gone rogue. Searching for those so-called replicants is a tough nut to crack because they look and behave almost exactly like real people. Faced with growing moral dilemmas, McCoy will soon have to answer questions about his own humanity.

Blade Runner is available to download now on PC, Mac and Linux. It costs just £6.89 until 2nd January. We reckon it's well worth a purchase as it's a prime example of the best of nineties adventure games and hasn't been playable on modern hardware for a long time.

You can buy Blade Runner from GOG here.

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