Black Mesa: Half-Life remake is finally finished

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Black Mesa: Half-Life remake is finally finished

Black Mesa started life as a fan-made remake of Half-Life, a reaction to the underwhelming Half-life: Source remake. It eventually grew in scope and morphed into a genuine commercial release, with the developers going by the name Crowbar Collective. Initially, the game focused on updating the core facility maps before moving to improve the underwhelming Xen sections of the original, to great acclaim. The game was officially released March of this year, with Valve's blessing.

Crowbar Collective decided to go back once more and update the older portions of their game to bring them up to the standards of the Black Mesa Xen levels and, now, after 16 years of development, Black Mesa is finally complete. The 'Definitive Edition' is released. Crowbar Collective have promised this is the last major update of the game, aside from bug fixes and quality of life adjustments, there will be no more remaking of their remake going forward. It is done.

Congrats to Crowbar Collective on accomplishing such a daunting task and doing so with such success. While we anxiously wait for Half-Life 3 (Hahaha, I joke, Headcrabs will shoot out of my bum before that happens), Black Mesa gives us a chance to revisit the Half-Life universe without the need to invest in an expensive VR set-up for Half-Life: Alyx.

You can get Black Mesa on Steam with 50% off until 1st December.

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