BioWare take Mass Effect back to the Milky Way in this new trailer

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BioWare take Mass Effect back to the Milky Way in this new trailer

BioWare previously teased a new Mass Effect but at the conclusion of last night's Game Awards, they dropped a teaser trailer. The game is still in the early stages of development so it was a purely cinematic affair but the trailer makes BioWare's intentions clear: They are going back to what worked.

The trailer sees the camera swoop by a distant galaxy, zipping through the farthest reaches of space, before reaching our Milky Way. We see the wreckage of old Mass Effect relays. We are taken to an ice planet where we see a hooded figure scaling what looks a lot like the snow-covered shell of a Reaper before uncovering a shard of the iconic N7 armour, before revealing the hooded figure is actually Liara.

Mass Effect: Andromeda did not work. Whatever BioWare was trying to do did not resonate in the same way the Mass Effect Trilogy did. It makes a certain amount of sense to return to the Reaper War timeline.

But, given the state of the galaxy in this trailer, there is no way of knowing how far in the future this game will be set, with Liara T'soni being the only character seen in the trailer does not clear anything up, as Asari's can live 1000 years.

The new Mass Effect will be moving forward without BioWare's Casey Hudson, who oversaw all of BioWare's games since the days of KOTOR, so there is a certain degree of uncertainty around how this new Mass Effect will turn out.

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