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Beta sign-ups due to open for The Secret World

Platforms: PC

Applications open today for beta-testing Funcom's latest MMO offering - The Secret World, which is due to launch in April 2012.

Based in a world very close to our own The Secret World involves conspiracies and secret societies. Players can choose to align with the Templars, the Illuminati or the Dragon to explore mysteries - and then to choose whether to work with or against other players for the power to dominate the world.

Rather than having levels and classes, throughout the game you unlock new powers, uniforms, and weapons as you unravel their mysteries and their secrets. You will also fight for your side in the player vs. player conflict, fighting to control legendary locations such as Stonehenge and El Dorado.

Signing up to the beta-test may give you a chance to check the game out in its final stages of development and play a part in getting it ready for release. The applications are due to open at 3pm UK time, and will be found on this page. In the meantime, you can take the Secret Society personality test to get you into the mood.

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