Beat Saber leaving Early Access next week, official Level Editor coming to PC

Platforms: PC | Sony PSVR
Beat Saber leaving Early Access next week, official Level Editor coming to PC

Beat Saber is leaving Early Access just over a year after its initial launch on PC. The full release of the lightsaber note-slicing rhythm game is coming on May 21st, to coincide with the release of the Oculus Quest VR headset.

The full release is receiving a price hike on Steam and Oculus Store from £15.49 to £24.99/$29.99, which is in line with the PS VR version of the game. The lower price will be available until the full release on May 21st, so if you haven't already, take advantage because Beat Saber is fantastic.

The VR game, which is an absolute riot every single time you play, is also getting an official Level Editor which will let you build levels using your own music library.

Developer Beat Games explains in a press release why the Level Editor has taken so long to be implemented:

"The truth is, we didn’t realise how we wanted to incorporate other audio files with our Level Editor. We had many discussions about this and tried to come up with the best solution we could. The original plan was to release the Level Editor soon after the release of the PC version of Beat Saber. But because we weren’t able to find the best way, we decided to postpone this project and work on something else instead, for example things like general performance updates, PS VR version, Expert+ levels, new free music, Monstercat Music Pack Vol. 1 and the version for the Quest.

Past weeks, we spent working on the Level Editor again. Now, we have it almost ready and prepared for the release next week. It’s 2D and it’s very simple — as we have always planned it since its original inception. This is how we thought it to be done best and our team likes the one we created.

This means, with the release of the Level Editor, you will be able to create levels for your own audio tracks. We will be including the song ‘Beat Saber’ from the OST Vol. 1 as a free, default track for everyone to have some fun with. So even if you have never tried mapping your own level, you will now have something to start with!"

Beat Games are promising more though, with new music from "big name artists coming from across all genres" heading to Beat Saber, both as free tracks and in paid for Music Packs.

The announcement closes with a thank you from the developer, "Dear players, thank you for your patience and support, you are the best inspiration and give us tons of reasons to make Beat Saber the best VR experience ever".

I'm not sure anyone can deny that Beat Saber is the "best VR experience ever", can they? It's certainly mine.

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