Atlas is a new pirate-themed MMO from ARK developers

Platforms: PC | Microsoft Xbox One

One of the most interesting reveals of The Game Awards is that of Atlas, a new pirate-themed MMO from the creators of ARK: Survival Evolved.

The game, which is launching on Steam Early Access on the 13th December and Xbox One’s Game Preview in 2019, has been in the works for a while, but has only just been announced. While it seems a little similar to Sea of Thieves, hopefully it’ll turn into something quite unique.

It takes place in a giant persistent world, which developers say can host up to 40,000 players at once. The game world is 45,000km² big, with over 700 islands and ten larger zones. It sounds absolutely massive! While the pirate theme is the centrepiece of the game, there are also dragons, trolls, hydra, and likely other creatures too.

You play as a pirate and do all the things pirates should: explore the seven seas (or however many this world has), loot other ships and merchants, and hunt for other pirates’ lost bounties. Mechanics include constructing and upgrading a ship, recruiting a crew of other players or AI characters, creating a massive pirate empire, and fighting other creatures and players. There is both ship and melee combat available.

The developers have also promised extensive mod support, announcing the Atlas Dev Kit in order to let players create mods, skins, and other custom creations.

It’s certainly shaping up to be an interesting game, with a huge range of gameplay features and options. Hopefully this huge potential will turn into a game more like Mount and Blade Warband than No Man’s Sky, which also promised many features and forgot most of them upon release.

Atlas begins its maiden voyage on PC on 13th December, and Xbox One in 2019. It will be sold for $19.99, although a UK price hasn't been announced yet.

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