Assassin's Creed does Vikings as Valhalla is unveiled as the next game in the series

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Ubisoft took to Twitch yesterday to unveil the (already widely speculated) news that you may well be playing a Viking assassin in the next game in the Assassin's Creed series.

The stream - which was effectively time lapse of the creation of a piece of artwork with various themes from the game - didn't contain a huge amount of detail but it did give us a few hints. It should be noted that the Vikings were very much a sea-faring nation and the prominence of the Viking longships taking up much of the artwork would give some weight to the idea that much of the game may take place at sea.

We won't have long to wait for more information though - a full trailer is landing at 3pm this afternoon!

You can watch the full Twitch stream below...

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