AOC announce a new 4K gaming monitor with a blisteringly fast 1ms response time!

AOC have announced the March release of the nattily titled AOC G2868PQU 4K gaming monitor that melds a large 28″ screen, the impressive 3840×2160 of a UHD image (supporting HDR natch), AMD FreeSync support AND a 1ms response time. Combined these stats make for a display that is perfect for lightning fast gaming where every ms delay takes you closer to death.

The AOC G2868PQU looks minimalistic, yet offers a wide range of customisation. The sleek looking stand is adjustable to 130 mm in height, so users can position the monitor to their individual needs. Sunny or brightly-lit environments are no issue for the G2868PQU thanks to its high brightness of 300 nits. When used in low-light/night conditions, the Low Blue Mode helps reducing eye-fatigue.

The G2868PQU’s narrow bezels, red and black accents, as well as the angular 130 mm height-adjustable ergonomic stand underline its gaming-focussed build. This HDR-ready display is equipped with a new 28” TN panel, covering 102% of sRGB and 82% of AdobeRGB colour gamuts. Thus, users will not just see 4x as many details as on a Full HD display, but experience vivid colours and popping visuals as well. The image on the G2868PQU is extremely sharp thanks to a density of 157.35 ppi (pixel per inch). In addition, users of AMD GPU can achieve a stutter and tear-free gameplay with less input lag and a refresh rate of up to 60Hz by utilizing AMD FreeSync.

Launching this month, the AOC G2868PQU is set to retail at £319.

Colin Polonowski Colin Polonowski

Updated: Mar 07, 2019

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