Animal Crossing New Horizons Nintendo Direct February 20th 2020

After much secrecy surrounding the next game in Nintendo’s popular Animal Crossing series, we’ve finally gotten a whole smorgasbord of information in today’s Nintendo Direct. Clocking in at about 35 minutes, the presentation followed the same quirky and fun vibe that the Big N has us all accustomed to at this point with the titular animals of the game taking center stage to tell us all about our upcoming Desert Island adventure.

The Direct was divided into three parts, with the first one serving as a reminder of past reveals along with a bunch of new exciting tidbits. Part 2 mainly focused on the game’s progression not just in terms of its gameplay but also its development. Finally, Part 3 took the form of an FAQ where Nintendo addressed some of the hottest questions we’ve all been asking about Animal Crossing New Horizons.

In this post, we’ve collected the most important points to take away from the Direct.

You can choose your island

One of the biggest highlights of any Animal Crossing game is customization and New Horizons seems like it will be no slouch in that department. From the get-go, we’ll be able to pick the island we want to reside in from a small collection of pre-made maps. That’s not to say we’re stuck with the same layout for the entire game.

Later in the presentation, the kind folks over at Nook Inc. revealed that we will eventually be able to terraform our island by cutting out or adding land to transform it into our perfect getaway paradise. 

You’ll have a phone with apps

Another little nifty piece of equipment is going to be the NookPhone which will play an essential role during our time in the game. Aside from the typical messaging and photo apps, the NookPhone will also have its own map so we can find our way around our little slice of heaven as well as space to collect all of our crafting recipes. It’s unclear at this point how that will work.

You’ll have quests to help guide progression

Another app in the NookPhone is the Nook Miles app which will act as your quest hub of sorts. You’ll be given goals, such as catching a certain number of fish or bugs as well as going off-island to explore other places and meet new friends. Once quests are completed, you will collect Nook Miles which can later be used to purchase items and materials. This is going to be quite beneficial to newcomers like me as it will essentially help guide them through exploring all that an Animal Crossing game has to offer. 

You’ll be able to make use of other Animal Crossing games

One interesting feature of the game was the ability to grab designs from the two 3DS Animal Crossing titles by way of the Nintendo Switch Online app. All you need to do is scan the QR codes of your designs created in those games and they will later appear in New Horizons.

Nintendo also revealed that there will be some connections between the mobile version, Pocket Camp, and New Horizons though details were sparse.

You won’t be able to back up to the cloud

This was the big sore point of the Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct, one which will likely bother quite a few. In the aforementioned Part 3 FAQ section, the Big N stated that New Horizons will not support cloud saves and that seemed to be stated in finality. There will, however, be services on offer to recover save files in case your Switch gets damaged and you want to recover your island. 

You’ll have a few multiplayer options but with limits

As had been revealed a few weeks ago, each Nintendo Switch device will only be able to lay host to a single island. The Direct reiterated on this by explaining that families that share a device can have their own characters who in turn can have their own tents and houses but they’ll all have to occupy the same Desert Island. There was a four-player Party Mode revealed, however, which will allow up to four players to run around and do things at the same time. Each island can have up to 8 players living on it.

Online was also elaborated on and, yes, you’ll be able to have friends visit your island and you, in turn, will be able to visit theirs. To avoid griefing, axes and shovels are banned during online multiplayer which is a welcome consideration. To invite players, however, you’ll need to share a unique island code.

And there you have it! Animal Crossing New Horizons is exactly a month away and it’s shaping out to be an exciting experience. Hope you’re looking forward to it as much as we are. For more news on Animal Crossing New Horizons stay tuned here to The Digital Fix.

Yannis Vatis

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

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