Alex Kidd in Miracle World is getting a reboot

Platforms: PC | Sony PlayStation 4 | Sony PlayStation 5 | Microsoft Xbox One | Microsoft Xbox Series X | Nintendo Switch

Before Sonic SEGA was home to Alex Kidd and he was something of a mascot with Alex Kidd in Miracle World coming packaged with the Sega Master System when that was released in the UK. It was a brilliant platformer that would have been many gamers introduction to console gaming so the fact that it is getting a reboot decades later fills us with joy.

Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX features the same addictive gameplay but with gorgeous redrawn visuals. It will add new levels and a retro mode and is heading to PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Switch when released in Q1 2021. The game should also be compatible with Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 through backwards compatibility.

There have also been tweaks to combat, movement and boss fights but all of these can be disabled in the retro Classic Mode which will make the game just as you remember.

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