AEW Games planning “best in class” console release and General Manager game

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AEW Games planning “best in class” console release and General Manager game

Ahead of the much-anticipated announcement stream for the new AEW (All Elite Wrestling) title tonight, AEW President Tony Khan has teased some of their upcoming projects.

First reported by HeelByNature, Khan confirmed at least two titles were being worked on, including the return of a long-lost and beloved game mode.

“We’re making multiple games, we’re working on more than one game,” said Khan. “We’re going to cater to different platforms, we’re going to cater to different kinds of games, and different interests. We’ll put a title out that’s a console game, that is best in class, we’re really excited about it, there’s some’s [sp] big surprises to come in 2020, I just can’t say that enough, there’s still time in 2020.”

On top of this is a much-rumoured AEW GM (General Manager) release.

In September, AEW filed the trademarks for both “All Elite Wrestling General Manager” and “Elite GM.” Both trademarks were "filed for use in game software, including mobile phones, handheld computers, and mobile gaming devices."

The GM mode was a mainstay of the Smackdown vs Raw games of the mid-‘00s and have been beloved by wrestling fans who want to prove, once and for all, that they could book a better show than Vince McMahon. Fans have been begging for 2K to bring back the GM mode for the WWE 2K series but so far nothing has come of it. AEW are smart to get ahead of the competition here.

“We’re going to put something out that’s for those people like myself, who love putting wrestling cards together," Khan added. "It will allow somebody to do the job I do, be the General Manager of AEW, handbook cards.”

AEW Games will make their big announcement tonight at 6 pm ET/11 pm GMT on YouTube. When we know more, you will know more.

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