AEW Games announce three new titles; hire WWF No Mercy director

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AEW Games announce three new titles; hire WWF No Mercy director

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) made their big special announcement last night for the launch of AEW Games, which will begin with three titles.

It begins with Kenny Omega, EVP of AEW/head of AEW Games/No 1 contender for the world title, dressed in a parody of Steve Jobs to break down the short history of AEW and their move into gaming.

Omega lays out his vision for this new game, one AEW president Tony Khan said would be “best in class.” Omega wants a game that is fun, easy to pick up and difficult to master, recalling old classics like NBA Jam and WWF No Mercy. After much, much goofing around Omega reveals a first look at the new AEW game for current and next-gen systems. He emphasises that this needs to be as fun as No Mercy (long considered the benchmark for wrestling games) and reveals some early footage. 

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The teaser trailer shows Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho duking it out in the ring before current AEW Women’s Champion, Hikaru Shida, shows up to knee Omega in the face. The trailer also reveals the game is being developed by Yuke’s, who made every WWF/WWE game from 2000 to 2018, many of pre-2K titles being considered some of the best wrestling games ever.

The graphics are very basic at this stage, looking more at home on the Xbox 360 than even a current-gen console, but it is worth remembering that this is early in development under pandemic era restrictions.

What matters is that the game is fun to play and name-checking games like No Mercy is a great start. Their intention to deliver on that promise was cemented later in the broadcast when Omega revealed they had hired Hideyuki Iwashita, the director of WWF No Mercy, to develop the game.

On top of the main console release, AEW also announced a pair of mobile games. AEW referee and head of mobile games, Aubrey Edwards, showed up in her own Steve Jobs attire to reveal a new General Manager game called AEW Elite General Manager. As someone who has sorely missed GM modes in WWE games, I will take whatever I can get.

Finally, EVP and former TNT Champion, Cody Rhodes, appeared to promote the upcoming release of another mobile game called AEW Double or Nothing Casino. If gambling on your phone is for you, I guess this is exciting?

No firm release dates were given for any of these titles, Double or Nothing Casino is due this winter and Elite General Manager looks quite far along in development so that could be coming soon, but it is unlikely we will see an AEW console release anytime soon.

You can see the full broadcast below.

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